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#NABJ24 Convention & Career Fair Media Credentials Application



Thank you for your interest in covering the #NABJ24 Convention & Career Fair. Applications are now being accepted for local, regional, state, national, and international platforms (including broadcast, audio, print, and digital/social media).

Media credentials are available for journalists and media/platform representatives who wish to provide daily, weeklong (real-time/active) and post coverage of the convention. The priority application approval period ended July 15. We are accepting applications for additional review from now until July 22.

Please apply here for credentials:

If you are unable to cover the convention in Chicago, but would like to receive press releases, media announcements, or access to visual elements for reporting on the (pre/during/post) convention, please contact



Applications and press ID badges are approved or rejected (at anytime) at the discretion of the NABJ Press Team. Approval is on a first-come, first-served basis. All individuals applying for credentials are subject to verification and security review. Upon approval, you will be emailed further instructions.

NOTE: Credentials do not replace convention registration and do not grant access to attendee benefits, meal functions, or services. All credential holders are expected to provide active coverage during the event. If you are found to be misusing the credentials, they will be reclaimed, and you will be asked to pay registration fees in order to remain on the premises.

If you are a working member of the media who is also attending the convention, media credentials are still required if you wish to cover special events, conduct interviews, film or record content, etc.

Media, communications, and BTS teams, as well as crew members working with our partners during the convention, are also required to apply for credentials.

Media representatives will be required to submit documentation from their supervisor of approval to cover the convention, and possibly a copy of their work ID upon completion of the credentials form. Access is not guaranteed.

If you are requesting credentials for multiple people under one company/organization, please note that all members of your team may not be able to cover the same event due to limited spacing. If there is a shortage of space, team members may have to alternate. All team members must be credentialed and the form must be completed for each individual.

Due to security restrictions, you cannot access designated events and areas without an approved convention press badge. You must abide by all convention guidelines. Credential holders are required to receive an updated daily badge during the convention.

Thank you.


NABJ members and convention attendees are strongly encouraged to have updated COVID vaccinations/boosters because proof of updated and current COVID vaccination/boosters may be required for entry into any and all sessions. By registering, you agree to abide by all rules and requirements that may be in place now or later, including during the convention. You understand that refusal to adhere to rules and requirements may lead to immediate expulsion with no refund for registration or any event and activation. NABJ recommends the wearing of masks while reserving the right to mandate masks at any time. You understand that rules are subject to change at NABJ's sole discretion. By registering for the convention, you understand that such gatherings may expose you to higher risks of contracting COVID and other viruses and that you accept that risk and do not hold NABJ liable for any adverse health conditions you or others may encounter.